Helping the underserved through local partnerships.

Hub Foundation accepts grant applications from organizations and institutions that provide education, food, housing, and other resources to underserved individuals and communities. While we focus on partnering with non-profit organizations and institutions in the Bay Area, we do consider a limited number of requests from organizations that are making a difference in other locations. Due to the large number of applications that we receive, we can only select a few grant recipients each year among those groups and causes that closely align with our vision and mission.

Grant Requirements

  1. Your organization has non-profit status or is affiliated with an accredited university or college
  2. Your organization has a history of serving individuals and communities
  3. You are requesting a grant to provide greater access to education, food, housing, or for space to host an event or fundraiser for your organization

Here is what you'll need

  1. Curriculum vitae of the individual applying for the grant
  2. A one-page list and biographies of your Board of Directors or Leadership
  3. You and your organization’s contact information (name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and website).
  4. A two to five-page letter that describes your organization or institution, its history of service to individuals and communities, your proposed project, and the amount of your financial request. Please also tell us how you hope your project will impact people.

A grant request can be submitted anytime. Please allow at least 60 days for us to respond to your application. Simply use the link below to email us your grant request.