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Prophetic Love & Ethics Today
Hub Retreat with Dr. Rudolph Bilal Ware

Aug 22, 2019 - Aug 25, 2019
Location: Hub925, 5341 Owens Court, Pleasanton, CA 94588

This four-day intensive retreat with Dr. Rudolph Bilal Ware will introduce students to core Islamic spiritual and ethical teachings.

Dr. Rudolph Bilal Ware

August 22-25, 2019

General Admission $50
A meal will be served each day.
Students must register online by August 16.

Prophetic Love & Ethics Today

Are we in need of visionary spiritual and social transformation? What can the Islamic tradition teach us about love and ethics? This four-day intensive retreat with Dr. Rudolph Bilal Ware will explore love and ethics in the Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad, and their relevance to twenty-first century western contexts. The Quran informs us that God loves the virtuous, the repentant, the patient, the reverent, the just, the humble, the righteous, and the pure. Muslims believe that these virtues are most perfectly embodied by the Prophet Muhammad—the beloved of God—whose spirit and example can help uplift us as individuals and a society. Dr. Ware will discuss what the primary Islamic sources can teach us about prayer, charity, race and gender relations, and the environment. No prior knowledge of Arabic, Islamic thought, or Muslim history is required. Join us for this special summer course to help deepen our knowledge of the Islamic sources, and our connection to the Divine and other human beings.

Recommended Readings

Students attending the intensive retreat are recommended to complete the readings before each session. The books are available at


Due to lack of childcare registrants, we are cancelling the concurrent childcare program for this retreat.

Pre-Morning Session Invitation (Optional)

Dr. Ware is graciously inviting registered attendees to work out with him at Hub925 before the retreat morning sessions commence each day at 9:30 am. 

Retreat Schedule

Thursday, August 22
7:00pm-9:00pm—session one 

Friday, August 23
9:30am-12:00pm—session two
1:30pm-4:00pm—session three 

Saturday, August 24
9:30am-12:00pm—session four
1:30pm-4:00pm—session five 

Sunday, August 25 
9:30am-12:00pm—session six
1:30pm-4:00pm—session seven 


Halal and vegetarian options will be available.  


Students traveling from outside of the Bay Area to attend the retreat are encouraged to stay at Hyatt House hotel in Pleasanton. To receive a discount code to stay at Hyatt House, please contact us at [email protected]

Hyatt House
4535 Chabot Drive
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(925) 730-0070


Dr. Rudolph Bilal Ware is a historian of Africa and Islam. He earned his PhD in history in 2004 from the University of Pennsylvania where he was trained in African History, African-American History, and Islamic Intellectual History. He is currently an associate professor in the department of History at the University of California-Santa Barbara, and the founder and director of the Initiative for the Study of Race, Religion, and Revolution (ISRRAR). His first book, The Walking Qur’an: Islamic Education, Embodied Knowledge, and History in West Africa, explores the history of a thousand years of Quran schooling in the region. He is the author of multiple articles on Muslim anti-slavery movements in Africa and the Atlantic World, and his most recent book, Jihad of the Pen, explores Sufi thought in West Africa.

A limited number of free spaces will be reserved for students who otherwise could not attend. Hub925 members can also receive a discount code. Please contact us at [email protected].